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High quality and reasonable prices. Thanks to the modern equipment and highly qualified personnel our company can cope with an order of any volume and level of complexity in undertime.
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Sewing equipment

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Lattex D, a dynamically developing clothing enterprise, tightly holds its ‘foot’ on the cloth of progress and fashion tendencies.   
The essential condition of success for any enterprise lies in the battery of factors, and sometimes it is impossible to choose the most important one.  It is important for the shops to be located in the regularly crowded place, tour agencies nest close by the business and office centers, recruitment agencies depend on the business connections and reputation. The success of the light industry enterprise depends mostly on some ten or more factors, but under conditions of the market economy the most important are highly-professional staff and modern highly productive equipment. These factors are the main determiners of the quality of the goods and of their price. Can they be saved on? It is actually inadmissible! The leaders of young and actively developing companies like the sewing factory ‘Lattex D’ understand it well and stake on training their own competent personnel inside the enterprise, as well as on the purchase of multifunctional sewing equipment of high quality.

What do you think of hearing the collocation ‘sewing equipment’? The sewing machine, engaged by your mother or granny? Or maybe the more modern electrical overstitching machine that you bought for yourself?

Sewing industry equipment is so various that it can surprise the uninitiated. Apart from domestic and industrial sewing machines, that originate the greatest interest, there are other necessary groups of items – cutting equipment, apparatuses for the wet-heat pressing, as well as presses for fittings, doubling presses, knitting and quilting equipment, and the others.
The sewing machines can be mechanical, electro-mechanical and computerized. The first are used at domestic conditions, the second can be used both at home and at the enterprise, and the latter are highly recommended for the modern sewing factories. Microprocessor will not only choose the length of the stitch and the strength of the foot pressing on the fabric for certain type of the stitch line, but will also show the tips for the operator on the screen if the machine has it in the packaging. The newest expensive machines are controlled through the LCD touch screen.

Industrial sewing machines are not characterized by the universal character of consumer’s domestic ones, because they are oriented at the high speed, wear-resistance, and high quality of the main operation fulfillment. The machine’s engine can rotate with more than 5000 circles per minute; the needle slider and the shuttle of the dry type are preferred for the industrial machines, as they do not require lubrication thus protecting the fabric from dirtying; the improved balancing adjustment at high speed operation and at the change of the seam direction save the expenditure of seamer’s effort.
The row of industrial sewing machines is very long due to the narrow specialization of each element of equipment. So, they can be subdivided into three large groups:
- machines for sewing clothes;
- embroidery machines;
- special machines.
Special machines are presently out of our interest, as their functionality is presented in the following types:
- furriery machines that are meant for sewing together details of fur, leather;
- footwear machines;
- bag-sewing;
- carpet overstitching, etc.
Machines for sewing clothes are the biggest group, further subdivided into automatic (buttonholes, buttons, pockets and so on are their product) and, depending on the type of the stitch – into the shuttle and chain stitched.  
Chain stitch is made from the loops of one thread that are fixed to each other in a chain. These chains ravel easily and are not strong in general. Sewing equipment of the chain stitch includes flat-stitching, straight-stitching and over-stitching machines. Overstitching machine is an article of sewing equipment used for cutting and bounding edges of the textile seams, and it is done using from 2 to 5 threads simultaneously, with one or two needles.

Lock stitch (shuttle stitch) is used for the machines of the following types:
-  single-needle straight-stitch;
- double-needle straight-stitch;
- zigzagger;
- sleeve-making;
- column.
This diversity is very functional, isn’t it? The sewing factory that has at disposal the sewing equipment items of all these types can cope with an order of any level of difficulty, while the volume and frequency of the orders will depend on the other factors. Working in the medieval subsistence tradition is not characteristic even for the unique models of Haute couture.