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Clothes for children

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Are our clothes always cozy and comfortable? Not at all. We put on the things that meet the fashion and aesthetic demands in the first line. Coziness and comfort are obligatory and integral qualities of the children’s clothes. Any item of these is beautiful, just as any child is beautiful and wonderful.
Children’s clothing can be of two types:
- clothes for the newborns;
- clothes for the kids over 1 year old.
Though children do not use the same clothes for long as they grow quickly, their clothes are surprisingly hardwearing. They also do not require complex care: the quicker and simpler the washing of clothes is, the less colour and form are lost during this process, the better; and the manufacturers take this fact into account. After children start moving by themselves, crawling, somersault, and this starts when they reach a year’s age, the clothes start experiencing certain difficulties, as it doesn’t have abilities to regenerate like the scratched knees and scraped palms of the young researchers of the surrounding world. This is why it is important to choose the fabrics, that will not only keep the kids warm, allowing their skin to breathe, they won’t hobble movements, and will be elastic, soft, without hard seams.

As the clothes for adults, the children’s clothes changes from season to season. The clothes for the infants over one year is in many points identical to those of the adults, and the main difference lies in the popularity of overalls and semi-overalls in cold weather both for boys and girls. Clothes for the newborns are the softest, most natural and pleasant to the touch that one can sew. These are various nappies, baby’s loose jackets, crawlers, sleeping bags, body shirts, «little men», baby’s booties, caps and so on.   To take measurements from fidgety and quickly growing newborns is not easy, and the clothes for them is bought readymade, and starting from the school age you can make the process of amplifying the child’s wardrobe like yours, like an adult’s method – ordering the garments to be modeled and sewn individually.

‘Lattex D’ has already completed an order for sewing children’s clothes, and it came from a big Scandinavian trade company, but how pleasant it would be if Latvian domestic market would generate the partners as well! Any domestic product will be cheaper than the imported one. And there will be no need for advertisement, as the new clothes for the little ones make the best topic for the young-mom chats, and this promises that a product of quality will quickly find its retail customer. It is important for a child to look not worse than his friends, and for the girls this issue is of extra importance at any age.
Children clothes are goods of permanent excessive demand. And the fashion changes with the child’s age and with the season change; and one should agree that the smallest fops do not care for the original cut of their crawlers or the actuality of the colour range of the linen, yet they do care for the tactile quality of the textile and the comfortable cut.
Children clothes are the unique object that can distract any woman from shopping, aimed at filing the eternal vacuum of her wardrobes and closets.  Many a young mother who left home for the novelty for herself, later returns with few packages and bags for the beloved offspring.  Production and sales of the children clothes practically stand for the success in business.