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High quality and reasonable prices. Thanks to the modern equipment and highly qualified personnel our company can cope with an order of any volume and level of complexity in undertime.
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Sewing enterprise Lattex D

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Once John Kennedy, the USA President, uttered the words that reached the hearts and souls of millions of his fellow-countrymen as well as the populations of many other states on the Earth. “The word ‘crisis’ in Chinese is composed of two symbols, one meaning danger, another – opportunity.” Factually, there was an inaccuracy in this statement of Kennedy’s, but this matters a trifle, as these words became one of the cornerstones of positive life philosophy.  As crises are frequent, and losing heart is a crime.

It is always so, that some people manage to see the possibility in the instability. Olga Murevich and Elena Fleisher, the leaders of “Lattex D”, are such people.  At the time when the strong coryphaeuses  ‘lacked guts’ to reform their business, these smart and enterprising women realized an idea that allowed them to create a small but dynamically developing modern enterprise. Since March 2010 the sewing enterprise “Lattex D” has actively developed the foreign markets. Why the foreign ones? Unfortunately, history set it so, that the level of life in ‘old’ Europe has been and remains higher than in Latvia. The same situation develops with the taxes. There is another evident advantage which is Latvia’s own sewing school and sewing production traditions, and the mastery and hard work of its seamers. You can’t go far in sewing business without diligence and patience, as well as without timely and competent piece of advice from the more experienced co-workers.

In the course of an incomplete year of its existence, “Lattex D” managed to enlist support of many, though the bulk was still skeptically disposed, or not interested at all in the development of a new factory in Daugavpils.  But thanks to the cooperation with business-incubator the enterprise has come to existence, with the guaranteed help and support of business-incubator for the next several years. Just a year passed – and the factual growth that started from 15 seamers reached the stage of planning the 4th production line and the own brand.  And what more the future holds for “Lattex D”! The continuity of professional experience is founded, therefore there is a possibility to hire inexperienced, but thirsty for knowledge young seamers, to be guided by 60 professionals already working at the factory. New equipment, warm and light room, official hiring, decent salary paid regularly and in time, just like the taxes… Stable, well-balanced, confident – these words describe how “Lattex D” keeps on growing and developing.  Next principal item of the plan is medical insurance for the employees. Already now the working conditions are created in the key of care for the employees – they are delivered to the working place from the city centre, they work in one shift, there is a spacious canteen at their disposal.This shows lots of care and looks very attractive on the general background and there is much to gain from it, but the perspectives are even more promising, and this is a good chance for everyone, who would like to master seamer’s skills, or the associated trades for the decent fee and in the comfortable environment. 

“Lattex D” is actively searching for new customers in the national market, and the confidence strengthens day by day, that there will be the ones who will manage to reach the set goals and start the business from scratch in the other industries. There is such a strong wish to see future partners among fellow-countrymen! And the new image of Latvia will be created in alliance, the image of a modern, original, cheerful and energetic country.